I had several health problems the worst of which was Pneumonia.  I was getting a bad case of Pneumonia every year for many years.  I also have had many colds, many times a year for many years.  A little over 20 years ago I got Pneumonia two times in one month and had to go to the hospital both times because I could not breathe.

My Pastor sent me a natural product that is made up of eight essential carbohydrates.  These eight carbohydrates (nutritional saccharides) were found to be essential to the body’s immune system and the doctor that discovered them won a Nobel Prize for his findings.  There are now three Nobel Prizes awarded in this product field.

I started taking these glyconutritionals on a daily basis and after three months I woke up one morning to find that the terrible pain I had in my thumbs was gone.  I had very bad Arthritis in my thumbs to the point that I could not hold anything between my thumb and forefinger.  Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t even had the sniffles since I started the daily regimen.

It has been over 20 years and I had very few colds or sniffles.  I have had Pneumonia one time and haven’t had any sickness of any kind except for the common cold..  My skin has thickened and my bad flaking skin on my feet is gone.  I had Mitral Valve Prolapse (irregular heart beat caused by a bad heart valve) had disappeared.  Most of the brown spots on the back of my hands are gone.  My energy level has more than doubled and my mind seems to be working better (up from not much).

Being overweight for many years I developed the early stages of Diabetes along with the high blood pressure and poor blood chemistry that goes with it.  Now my sugar levels are correct, blood pressure is exactly what it should be and my blood chemistry is just what it should be.  I am still over weight, but working on that. Ha Ha

At my age, 84, I am one of those men that had to face surgery for Prostate problems.  20 years ago, I went on the nightly runs to toilet so often that I considered staying all night in the bathroom.  I had a severely swollen Prostate and was considering surgery.  Today I sleep all night and have no Prostate problems at all and with no surgery or drugs.

I do not know anyone that has followed this program and not had improvement no matter what the sickness unless they either bought the products and didn’t take them or didn’t take them on a regular basis.  These products are food products and you have to be regular with your regimen.  I know that this is not a cure and if I stop taking the product my problems return in about 2 to 4 weeks.

I have been looking into the formulations of a glyconutrient product that has helped me so much health wise.  I have had a wonderful experience; however, I can no longer afford the product.  I have found many companies selling all kinds of products stating that they are as good or better than other glyconutrient products.  I have found the manufactures of the highest quality glyconutrients and have put together two formulations that meet and exceed my needs.  When people asked me to take “those” glyconutrients to improve my health, I referred to it as fu fu dust because I thought “good luck on this working”.  In just a few months I started to see results and have been taking them every day for over 20 years.  With that in mind, I named my formula “TJ’s FU FU DUST” (Fu in Chinese is luck).

The Basic Glyconutrients formula has been checked against the other glyconutrient products by Terry Labs and found to be of superior quality and has no fillers compared to the other glyconutrient products. 

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